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Environmental Impact

How to be an Ethical Consumer in 2019

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New Year, New Resolutions, New Approaches

As we roll on in to 2019 no doubt you have set yourself some resolutions or goals for the year ahead. And as the news around us becomes increasingly peppered with articles about sustainability and our environmental impact, it is highly likely that modifying some simple habits in relation to this has creeped into those goals you’ve set.

Perhaps you’re vowing to get to the local market every Saturday, or are determined to take that keep cup your sister-in-law got you for Christmas everywhere you go. Maybe you haven’t figured out the details yet, but you have this niggling feeling that THIS should be the year that you do something about reducing your carbon footprint.

No matter where you are in your journey towards adjusting your impact on the environment, we’ve put together a few simple ideas on ways in which you can do so by simply being a more ethical consumer in 2019.

Hopefully these tips on being a more ethical consumer have given you some food for thought, and inspired you to action even just one thing on the list! We’ll be talking more about the topic of the environment and sustainability as we go through 2019.

Tell us about you…

What do you do already to be ethical in the way you consume and use goods? Let us know your own top tips. What works for you? And what doesn’t?