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Did you know we can do so much more than just the big stuff?

Our stone masons are well versed in making stone kitchens up and down the Queensland coast. They can help you with stone tiles and a vanity for your bathroom too. But these super talented craftsmen can also offer so much more to those wishing to enhance their homes with stone furniture and accessories.

When father and son Cameron and Callvm bought Distinctive Stone a couple of years ago this was the opportunity they saw, and now they want to make a song and dance about it. Coming from watch making and bespoke engraving backgrounds, Cameron and Callvm like to celebrate the artisanal skills of those who may not always get to showcase them. Which is where our stone masons come in. Magnificent workers crafting day in day out, their eye for detail and knowledge of the materials they work with means that they can produce just about anything out of stone – when given the chance!

We thought we’d share a recent example of this… Elegant and modern side tables.

These functional, easy-to-clean, coffee and wine stain resilient side tables can be made to fit your space and match the other stone elements within your home. This is a great way to save the hassle of trying to find furniture and decorative elements that match your renovation after it’s finished. By getting our Distinctive Stone team to make you furniture and accessories that match your newly installed feature stone it simply makes life so much easier!!

Left to Right: Quantum Quartz colour ‘Venatino Statuario Quartz’, Essastone colour ‘Nickel’, Essastone colour ‘Fino Venato’

Remember it’s not just side tables that we can make. Coffee tables, fireplaces, cutting boards and so on, can all be made to match your divine distinctive stone kitchen. Yes we can make these items glamorously bespoke, yet mostly we find that a chic pairing of furniture components is most necessary in spaces such as kitchens, dining rooms, lounges, patios and entertaining/pool areas. What is for certain is that this is a wonderful way to make your newly renovated home stand out from others!

Feeling inspired?

For more about the many things that stone can be used for please visit our Applications page.

To discuss your ideas with us for stone furniture and decorative accessories please get in touch with us.